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Learning to buy the ICO stage


THE DELTAPRANA Global Network Portal is open and now available for the first investors

TOTAL SUPPLY {100,000,000,000,000}




Delta Prana Token Roadmap

  • Our adventure begins with an airdrop, expanding the circle of $DPR friends in the digital community
Listing on PancakeSwap
  • Easy access to $DPR by joining one of the largest decentralized exchanges
  • Our next journey, raising funds through an ICO to fuel the heart of our project's construction.
  • Expanding horizons by entering international markets, accessible and tradable for all.
Token Burn
  • Increasing the value of your tokens through burning, reducing supply and boosting demand
Blockchain construction and development

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DeltaPrana emerges as an innovator in the cryptocurrency space with the goal of revolutionizing financial transactions, utilizing its proprietary blockchain to enhance scalability and facilitate interaction with diverse networks. This project is dedicated to creating a trading platform characterized by transparency, speed, and security.

DeltaPrana aims to deploy a flexible and extensive blockchain system, utilizing advanced technologies to ensure the platform serves the development of the entire digital ecosystem sustainably and effectively, aiming to strengthen inter-network collaborations and foster a harmonious ecosystem.

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Developing the DPR blockchain ...

100% Secure TOKEN

Our token operates on the Binance Smart Chain using the BEP-20 standard, which provides a reliable framework for digital asset management. Thanks to the advanced security infrastructure of the Binance Smart Chain, it ensures that token transfers are conducted securely.

Send & Receive

Leveraging the infrastructure of the Binance Smart Chain, our token enables fast and low-cost transactions for users. This efficiency and speed make the token ideal for daily transactions and various economic uses.

Real Time Trading

Following the completion of the ICO, this token will be listed on renowned centralized and decentralized exchanges, enhancing accessibility and liquidity for holders and opening new opportunities for growth and expansion.


A bright future awaits this token. With continuous progress and expanding applications, it is poised for good and notable growth that will bring a significant value increase for holders. An exceptional opportunity exists for a profitable journey together.